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RA Consulting makes its web development offer available under the following use conditions:

  1. RA Consulting is a service provider after: § 7 exp. 1 as specified in the TMG;  the client is responsible for its own contents, which will provide ready for use, according to the general regulations. Claims for damage form contents or ideas, presented on client site will not be honoured, if the client has not met their obligations of diligence in providing the content.
  2. If text is provided from a third party, the respective author is in particular designated. In these cases the author of the respective document and/or its client is responsible for contents.
  3. RA Consulting is not obligated in accordance with § 7 Abs.2 TMG to vet the information stored or conveyed by the client site or validate through research in any circumstance anything that may refer to an activity, illegal or otherwise.
  4. RA Consulting creates access to  the contents, to be stored on client site by designing pages and setting Hyperlink accessibility to clients Websites. Ownership and completeness of content, correctness and availability are not guaranteed. RA Consulting does not have influence on the current and future organization and on future contents of its site.
Registration of the accesses

All access to our servers is registered. The date of registration, Computer address and contents are stored. These data may be evaluated for statistic purposes BUT if necessary be made ANONYMOUS if published. By using our servers you hereby accept the spirit of this agreement. Otherwise, we cannot be obligated to provide service or otherwise be obligated.